How VoIP Based Phone Systems Work

How VoIP phone systems work is a mystery to many. In simple terms, a VoIP phone system allows for the conversion of voice calls to data. This data is then sent securely over the internet. Due to the fact that the voice over internet communication is maturing, and high speed internet has not only become cheap, but pervasive, more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional landlines to VoIP.

Yet with this increased usage, Cisco notes that how VoIP works remains a mystery to some business owners and employees. It is however arguable that the better employees and owners know and understand about the workings of VoIP, the easier it becomes to use this technology for the benefit of the business. At a glance, in VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into data packets. These data packets travel in similar ways as other data types such as email, over private as well as public internet internet.

With VoIP, it is possible to call cell phones or landlines. It is also possible to make computer to computer calls, and both parties on either end can speak into the microphone and hear each other through headsets. While is possible to make and receive calls using a landline telephone, VoIP ensures better voice quality as well as greater security.

The benefits of VoIP to a small business are simple yet impactful. When a business adds voice to a data network, it will enjoy added benefits of reduced costs, enhanced collaboration, and improved productivity. The business will save a lot of money by only managing one network as opposed to two; voice and data. The workforce is also able to communicate more effectively from the road, or office, while also allowing for greater access to company resources regardless of where they are. This way, they are able to access data wirelessly.

What are the benefits of using Gamma Horizon hosted telephony services?

Gamma Horizon is a complete communication service for businesses. It provides a wide array of fixed and mobile telephony features, through an easy to use web portal. The benefits of this communication service for business are numerous. For instance, it unloads the burden from a business’ IT team because local administrators effectively manage, and configure the system based on the needs of the organization.

Within this system, employees are now able to effectively manage their calls, which in turn maximizes productivity. Most importantly, this system ensures that important calls reach the right people and at the right time, to boost business relations and performance. Horizon brings together handsets from a variety of manufacturers, the full power of the leading communication platforms, an easy to use web interface, and the Gamma network services, to create winning formula that allows businesses to succeed.

Horizon also offers a myriad of business focused features, which are aimed at boosting control and administration of the business through the web. This system is cloud-based, and is accessible via web portal, so there are no maintenance costs, for the business or its customers to worry about. Furthermore, it facilitates the integration of the business’ fixed and mobile activities, allowing for greater collaboration and effective communication.

Lastly, Gamma Horizon also has an extension to its telephony platform, which enables businesses to manage their call center environments more easily. This also boosts the productivity of call center employees and agents, as well as the overall productivity of the call centre, which reflects to an ability to deliver fast and reliable services to the business’ customers. Happy and satisfied customers in turn make for a healthy business.


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